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    Default Hanging 2 kitchen Light Pendants

    So I have two 120 volt light pendants over our kitchen island that I am replacing. I took down the first pendant and installed the new one without problem. Their were 3 wires in the socket 1 black, 1 white, 1 copper. Very simple.

    When I went to do the second pendant and removed the old pendant, the socket had 2 black, 2 white, and 2 copper. The socket wires had been twisted together by color (Black to Black). Each of the fixture's correct color wire had been added to the twist (that would make it black to black to black) and had a wire nut on each. This was true for the white wire and the copper wire as well

    Why would there be 2 black, 2 White, and 2 copper in the socket (without the fixture)? BTW it is all connected to a single light switch?

    Is this anything to worry about?


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    Default Re: Hanging 2 kitchen Light Pendants

    Power and switch control has to get to both fixtures, does it not? The box with the two wires is the first in the series one of the wire sets will be incoming to the box, the second will be outgoing to the second box. As long as you reassemble the groupings exactly as they were, your lights should continue to work properly.
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