My brother-in-law recorded a TOH episode which demonstrated the installation of a foam pan, glued and set right over the subfloor of a shower. Then they showed how a plastic membrane was glued down, then overlaped by corners and finally sheets down the walls overlapping the corners. They explained that this was then ready to tile.

It didn't give a name, information on cost or where to purchase it. I am renovating a house for my wife and I and she really wants a tiled floor in the shower. The floor will be 36"x60" with the door and curb on the 60" side and a 12" bench seat on the opposite side from the door going the whole 60 inches. I will need a pan 36"x60" with a center drain and I would guess a piece 12"x60" for the top of the bench seat.

Any thoughts on the foam produce? Any suggestions or ideas? I appreciate all help offered.