We suspect we have a slab leak and have read other posts regarding them. We think our best option is to replumb. My husband is an amazing DIY-er, but sometimes jumps to the solution prematurely - that is, we have not had this checked out by a plumber. But let's assume we do have a slab leak.

Our house is in Ohio. The original house was built in 1955 and has a full basement. An addition was built sometime in the 1970s on a slab. There is no crawl space access. The plumbing is copper, laid in gravel (assume) below the slab and goes to a full bathroom (remodeled 2 years ago with plumbing to the shower and sink updated) and a laundry room. We can hear rushing water in the wall between the bathroom and laundry when the cold water is not shut off where it enters the basement foundation wall from the old part of the house and then goes under the slab.
Mr. removed some drywall and we cannot see anything leaking. Also, our water bill spiked several months ago.

Since this is an extra bathroom, we simply have turned off the cold water where I described above. The water bill is back down to normal. Sooooo, someone told us we can replumb but trenching out part of the slab and laying new pipes in the trench and then covering with concrete. Sounds better than digging up the whole slab, but still will involve ripping up my beautiful tile floor and shower in the remodeled bathroom. I also have read about running new pipes through walls and ceilings.

Can someone please tell me if these are both valid option and if there are any others. Oh, also read about trenchless epoxy repiping. While this is not drinking water we are talking about, I'm concerned about possible health implications. Last, don't know if this is important, but about a year before we noticed this problem, we had our outside water line replace after a major leak.