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    Question Increasing water pressure

    A short time ago the Wisconsin electric/gas company came to my home to inspect our electrical and gas system. The representatvie from the gas company shut off my water heater to inspect it. When he finished he turned it back on before he left. I have noticed that since his visit my hot water presssure does not work properly. My hot water comes out of my faucets at a trickle. I did not have this problem before the visit.

    My question is: How do I increase my hot water pressure?

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    Default Re: Increasing water pressure

    Most likely the washer in the shut off has disintegrated, and pieces are blocking the flow, or the valve is not open all the way.

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    You didn't mention what type of pipes you have in and out the WH, the condition of the WH and the condition of the water supply lines (cold and hot) and the condition of the shut off valve.
    Good chance that there is an obstruction somewhere, where water can't go through.
    If everything in the WH checks OK, your entire home water pressure has to be checked, and maybe adjusted accordingly, at the pressure reducer/regulator.

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    When valves that normally aren't operated are used, there is a chance a clog will form when something gets dislodged inside the pipe and finds a new home.

    Flush your hot water system.

    1- Turn the HWH off (make it stop heating)
    2- Open the valve at the bottom of the hot water tank and flush out the collected gunk (this may take a while)
    3- At each and every sink, remove the strainer and clean out the gunk. Before replacing the strainer, flush out the water line at the faucet
    4- If you have any other plumbing parts such as pressure regulators, storage tanks and the like - they will all need to be flushed.
    5- Remove the filler hoses to the clothes washer and dishwasher to get the gunk out of the screens there (a real PITA but necessary)
    6- Fully close and open the cold water valve to the HWH to make sure its not partially stuck closed.
    7- Turn the HWH back on (make it heat water again)

    Take this routine steps before making any modifications to the plumbing system.

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