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    Default oil stain in wood finish

    My wife and I received a hardwood walnut dining table as a house warming gift. However, we left a glade plugin air freshener on the table and it was knocked over. Oil leaked out and onto the table. So we now have 1-2 small oil stains on the table. They have a cloudy appearance. What is the best way to remove these stains/spots? Would using a wood paste/wax help?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: oil stain in wood finish

    Repairing wood finishes on a table for a DIY project can be risky business. Besides there is no photo to see exactly what these cloudy dark spots look like. So I am going to give you 2 options and try them in the order I give them to you.

    1) Apply vaseline heavy to the spot and let stand for a day, then try wiping with a cloth to see if it removed the spots.

    2) Apply lemon oil to the spot and keep the spot wet for 20 mins then gently rub the affected area.

    If you see improvements with either option you can reapply the fix and try again for better results.

    You may want to try both options on an area to test first. Maybe the underside.
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    Default Re: oil stain in wood finish

    Unfortunately we had the same thing happen with the Glade Plug-in spilling on the kitchen table.

    Richard- Did you find anything that worked? Any info would be appreciated!


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