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    Default Tiling a shower ceiling

    The ceiling in my bathroom shower is painted. The paint peels about every 3 4 years.
    I want to install ceramic tiles on the ceiling but do not know how to do this without the tiles falling. Is there a special mastic that will immediately hold the tiles? Do I have to support the tiles until the thin set hardens?

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    Default Re: Tiling a shower ceiling

    You can tile a ceiling with no fears, just a few steps need to be taken;

    Prepare the surface for tiling. If its has many coats of bad paint, you'll want to replace the drywall. If the ceiling got wet with a lot of condensation or steam or splashing, then replace the drywall with cement board.

    Coat the surface with Hydroban, HydroGuard or RedGuard, following the directions.

    Using a powdered thinset you mix with water, install the tiles. They won't fall down when set properly. NEVER ever use a premixed (mastic) thinset or grout in a wet area such as this. When it gets wet it softens and returns to goo.

    Grout the joints, caulk the edge joints where the ceiling meets the walls using only 100% silicone caulking.

    Why are you getting so much water there? need better venting?

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