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    Default water rising through basement seam

    I am the owner of a 32 year old colonial with full basement. After heavy sustained rains with puddling in my back yard, I have water seeping into my basement. I think some may be seeping through the concrete block walls but some seems to be coming up through the seam ( I don't know if this is an expansion joint or just a seam...) in the middle of the basement. It's about ˝ inch deep and was nicely done by the installers.
    A few weeks ago I was watching ATOH and Tommy was helping a homeowner mend a crack (the crack was right below a window) that had developed in his old basement wall. It wasn't poured concrete but possibly stone with a coating of cement over it to smooth the “wall”. Tommy could actually see daylight through part of the crack. They patched the whole crack with regular cement, but Tommy made a comment about hydraulic cement saying that he wouldn't use it for this application but might use hydraulic cement to fix the seams if they leaked ?????

    My question is: Was he saying that I could fill this seam with hydraulic cement and fix my leaking problems???? Like I said, I don't know if this is an expansion joint or just a seam. Can I fix this ?
    Thanks Don

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    Default Re: water rising through basement seam

    Becaus i droped heavy rains and heavy winds at once quickly.. which causes the water to go up.. for the coastal, i caused storm surge..

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