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    My house had an attached 2-car garage which was added after the house was finished. The inside of the garage wall shared with the house is covered with exterior cedar siding. I would like to remove that siding. ( I will use some of it to repair damaged siding on exterior walls. ) I believe that there is probably an exterior sheathing under the siding and that the wall is insulated, since it was originally an exterior wall. I don't know what would be best to material to use to replace it, or if it needs replacing. Maybe just paint it? It is just a garage with storage and workbench area, and I am not concerned about the finished look or matching other walls.

    Anyone had similar experience and/or advice?
    Appreciate your help.

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    Check the building code in your city. Garages generally need to be fireproofed to adjoining structures. If there is no code, its a good idea anyway.

    If there is no plywood, then adding some is on order. 1/2" is pretty standard, depending on where you live any any other material thickness you need to match. Cover the surface with fire rated drywall, 5/8" thick, taping and floating the seams.

    ok, well not fire 'proofed' as much as I meant meeting the fire code.
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    houston is correct, taking off the siding and reusing it where you need to repair some pieces should be fine. cedar isnt cheap.

    5/8" drywall is the minimum code for an attached garage and must be taped with 2 coats here in canada, some builders will go as far as doing a double layer of 5/8 with the seams offset and taping the 2nd layer. the 5/8" board technically only has to go on any walls seperating the garage from the living space, same goes for ceilings
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