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    Quote Originally Posted by hvhehcca View Post
    Fuel source has no bearing. A btu is a btu whether produced by a kw or a therm.

    gpm = Temp Rise x 500 divided by btu

    If electric and the unit is 20kw then it can produce roughly 68,000 btu's. 1 kw = 3,418 btu's. Temp rise is relevant to the climate location and set point. If I use my area the math would be

    gpm = (70 x 500) divided by 68,000

    This unit can only produce 1.9gpm
    That is my point if it's gas it can produce a higher BTU rating then most residential electric tankless heaters. Giving it a higher GPM rate. How can we tell what flow rate the heater can produce without knowing it's BTU rating?

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