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    Question Replacing Oversized Cast Iron Floor Registers

    Hi All,
    I'm having my ancient, octopus-looking, heating system replaced in a couple of weeks (hooray!), and have started looking for replacement iron (cast- or wrought-) louvered floor registers. The original registers are badly rusted and/or have broken louvers.
    My problem is, I'm having trouble finding any that fit the openings in my floors. The openings in question range in size from 16.5"-16.75" x 14.5"-14.75".
    To complicate matters, my house still has its original (c. 1926) fir hardwood floors, which would be difficult to match stock if I were to attempt to accommodate a smaller register and try to fill it in.

    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for where I may be able to locate these? The largest I've been able to locate is 12x14 (from Signature Hardware).

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Replacing Oversized Cast Iron Floor Registers

    i've purchased wooden floor grates, stained to match the existing floor. they were beautiful and look a million times better than the metal ones. i bought them ******, i forget the name of the web site but you can find them through a google search. you can also get them in several types of woods and they have all the minwax stain colors

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    Default Re: Replacing Oversized Cast Iron Floor Registers

    Give Rejuvenation a call, 888-401-1900. Their website indicates that they are reworking their line of reproduction registers, but they can probably get you pointed in the right direction.
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    Default Re: Replacing Oversized Cast Iron Floor Registers

    You might want to check here the ones I have bought from them have been of high quality and as advertised.
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