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    If those windows are single pane glass with or without storms, consider the use of insulated interior shutters instead of curtains. They can really reduce heat loss through the windows at night, open them in the day to enjoy the solar heat gain.

    Use 1x1 wood to make the frames. Cover the faces with a foil backed paperboard so that the foil surfaces face each other. A 3/4" dead air space between two foil surfaces is worth about an R-3. The outside surfaces can be painted or covered with wall paper or cloth. Install hinges and then weatherstrip the edges. The dead air space between the glass and the shutter will add another R-1 and if you have storms outside that, you get almost another R-1. So you end up with a total of R-4 to R-5.

    You can also put a reflective tint film on the inside of your window glass to add almost another R-1, but it will mostly help in the summer.

    Credit to "From the Walls In" by Charles Wing. Great book for owners of old houses, but no longer in publication. It can be found used on the web at the usual places.
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