My husband and I purchased an 80 year old Dutch colonial revival in December. Due to some structural issues and its age, we got it for $50K! We're quite happy with it so far, although it has it's little quirks.

My first "remodeling" project was to paint the kitchen walls and cabinets. I am waiting on some cabinet hardware, so some of my shelves don't have fronts at the moment, but this simple makeover turned our ghastly, cheap looking kitchen into a bright, cheerful, and fun room!

Now it's time to move on to the rest of the rooms. Our biggest challenge will be the curtains for our NINETEEN windows. My sister is quite crafty and has offered to sew them, so we need to go buy material. Lots and lots of material ... o_O

I'm brand new to the homeowner/remodeling business, so any advice, comments, etc. will be very welcome!