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    I live in a small town in southwestern Missouri.

    Default In need of landscaping ideas!!

    My husband and I purchased an 80 year old Dutch colonial revival in December. I can't WAIT for the spring, when the kids and I can dig into the yard, but I have no idea where to start. It's pretty much a blank slate!

    So ... what would YOU do with this property? I'm looking for any ideas/inspiration you can offer - I'm brand new to this kind of thing!

    Thanks so much,
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    Default Re: In need of landscaping ideas!!

    That front porch is begging for a flower bed in front. Mix Iris, Tulips and Daffodils with annuals. I would avoid shrubs because of snakes. Shrubs would be ok around the property line.

    If you want your kids to eat fresh fruit, you can mix strawberries in with the flowers. Kids will be more likely to try them if they grow them themselves. Varieties like Sparkle and Honeyeoe have excellent flavor and you get fruit the first year. No 5+ year wait like with Apples and Pears, but do those too, it teaches kids about long term investments and delayed satisfaction.

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    Default Re: In need of landscaping ideas!!

    I suggest taking a picture of the house and overlaying with cut-outs of different ideas, particularly in the case of trees as once planted and rooted they get difficult to move. Play with your design, see what you like.

    the idea of strawberries in the flowers is great. consider too some fruit trees, great flowers in the spring, great pies in the summer.

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