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    I live in a small town in southwestern Missouri.

    Default Blah Dutch Colonial Needs a Makeover!

    My husband and I purchased an 80-year-old Dutch colonial revival in December, and it has a rather "blah" exterior. The porch is an uninspired blue with white tapered columns. There are several old sidewalks around the outside of the house (the one in front, one along the left side, and one that goes from the side road to the back door) that are crumbling as well.

    I'm looking for some ideas/inspiration! What do you think would look good? How would you go about it? Anything will help - I'm brand new to this remodeling business!!
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Blah Dutch Colonial Needs a Makeover!

    Two suggestions.... shutters on the second floor and a historic house sign, hand lettered, hand painted, with the year the house was built. If you don't know who built it, how about the architects name. We make a great looking, and historically accurate hand painted wood historic house plaque, with a photo gallery on our web site.

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    Default Re: Blah Dutch Colonial Needs a Makeover!

    I feel homes like this look great with some color on the exterior and this particular home also needs some landscaping in front.
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