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    Question Removing Plaster Walls w/ Lead Paint

    I am demoing a few plaster walls and removing doors, door frames and trims from our 1930s home. All have been painted with lead paint.

    Does anyone know (other than hiring a professional) how I can safely do this?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Removing Plaster Walls w/ Lead Paint

    don't know where you are but in massachusetts, by law, you must use a company that is licensed in lead paint removel. it's alot of work, set up, hepa filters, plastic everywhere.....i hate doing it.

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    Default Re: Removing Plaster Walls w/ Lead Paint


    Removing lead is treated somewhat like the removal of asbestos: isolate the work area and wear protective respirators and clothing.

    You will want to seal off openings into the other rooms of the house with sheet plastic. Make sure the registers which feed the room are taped shut so that the heat or a/c cannot suck air back into the general living space. As much as possible, I would shut down the heat or a/c.

    I would buy a respirator rated for lead filtration. This is not just a paper mask, but a full face molded body mask which conforms to your face. These can be had for about $35 at your homeowners center.

    After the dust has settled, thoroughly vacumn the area with your shop vacumn. I would then empty the vacumn, damp wipe the interior and install a new filter. I would dispose of the dust into its own plastic bag before throwing into the trash. Damp mopping the area would not be a bad idea also.

    It would be a good idea to launder your work clothing after each use and do so in its own load of laundry. Don't mix it in with the family laundry.

    Frankly, I am happy that I am retired from painting contracting. The new rules are a real pain in the ... Lead remediation is the cause de jour of government. I wonder how I managed to survive all those years I was putting on lead paint and then removing it!

    I do believe there are valid concerns, especially when young children or pregnant women are present. I think persons who come in daily contact with lead have a right to be concerned.

    Should you wish to know more, here are a couple websites:

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