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    Default How do I paint a canvas ceiling?

    My 200 year old home has stretched canvas ceilings in the dining room and living room--it is not canvas applied to a board; a yardstick carefully placed against the ceiling will actually lift the canvas. They are beautiful and in pretty good shape and you'd never believe they were canvas unless you did the yardstick trick. I am having the entire house painted and the wood floors throughout refinished. How do I paint these canvas ceilings or should I just leave them alone?

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    Default Re: How do I paint a canvas ceiling?

    Wish I knew. I have posted a similar question, and/or how to replace a canvas ceiling (I am interested in checking out the floor joists above it) , and so far no responses. They are not that rare in New England; can't believe we are the first people to ask or that TOH hasn't come across the problem in one of its projects. Come on all-knowing Tommy Silva give us all an answer. Good luck. Bagus

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