I got rid of the Outback!!

Say what ???

Whatever will you do with all your free time now? Tsk, tsk. The Outback gave ya good reason to get out of the house and out to the garage. Shoulda thought it over better, buddy.

This weekend...cabinet doors!! Eeekkkk...can it be so??!! Finishing a 2 year project??

See? I told ya a long time ago that you didn't have to finish everything at once. It would wait. And......it has. You're still alive and there's no damage to your mortal soul.

Believe or not, most folks do it a step at a time, finish when/if they can........and live thru it all. You've done FAR, FAR better than the average Joe, Walt. You be a trooper, no doubt about it.

Should keep the 1 YO from pulling the whole mess onto himself.

Yikes! How time flies.

(On the other hand........I got a year younger. Not. )