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    Default Laminate Flooring Installation

    I'm trying to mount laminate flooring on a wall as an accent treatment. The flooirng is snap together. Can i or should I use construction adhesive to accomplish this project? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Laminate Flooring Installation

    Hey stevenitzkin,

    I am Gregg with The Home Depot in Chicago. I have never heard of putting laminate on the wall before. What are you using to cover the edges?

    Well, normally when installing laminate flooring you are suppose to let it float. You don't use glue or nails because the laminate still expands and contracts. I don't think that laminate is the best material to use on the wall, but if I were to do it I would glue everything. I would glue the joints because there would be less of a chance of them separating and I would glue the backs to the wall so they couldn't shift. Good luck, maybe look into a different material.-Gregg

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