Hi all-

I live in Columbia,MD and am planning on building an workshop building 8x24. I am planning on building at the rear of my property which has about a 20 degree slope. Given this, I want to build the workshop on footings, posts, and beams.

Here is my question - Can I use a (2) 6x6 beams, 24 feet long, spaced about 6 feet apart? I will have 6x6 posts supporting the beam every ~4.5 ft. This will create about 1 ft of cantilever on each end.

Will this be enough to support the load of my roof and framing???

The 6x6 posts will be no higher that 16 inches on the far sloping side. The footings will be 12in diameter, 30 inches deep due to the frost conditions in my area.

I have been mulling this over and would greatly appreciate feedback!

Thanks! -Alex