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    Exclamation How do I prep old and damaged walls for paint?

    Help!! We are moving into a 1930s Tudor style home that has been neglected and beat up over the years. We would like to paint the entire interior before we move in but there is so much damage to walls, we don't even know how to begin the painting process.

    The walls are sort of a smooth/orange peel finish. When we repair certain areas, I'm assuming we will be sanding that area to blend in with the wall...Should we go ahead and sand the entire wall to create a totally smooth surface since we will be repairing so many areas?

    Some areas, specifically the window and door trims, have so many layers of paint, would it be better to strip the paint? Or should we just sand them down?

    See attached pictures to get an idea of the damage. We would appreciate any advice!!
    Thank you!

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