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    Default HELP!!!boiler doesn't heat house properly

    Few weels ago my honeywel oil-fired boiler malfunctioned. It was bellowing smoke into the basement. Call my repair guy who old me it was because the heavy wind blew back shoote thru the chimney bank in the furnace, blocking it from blowing outside. He cleaned the boiler, change the valve, cleared the air he suspected that might be in the oil pipe. But since then it been working inefficiently. Heat hardly gets to the first floor not to talk about the 2nd floor. Now my thermostat stays at 70degrees regardless of how cold it is in the house. I have to always keep it above 70 to make it supply the house with the little heat it provides. The hot water pipe that sends the water steam up is no longer has hot as it use to be. B/4 one could not touch it, now you could keep ur hand on the pipe and the furnace that leads to the chimney

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    Default Re: HELP!!!boiler doesn't heat house properly

    It sounds like there is still a soot blockage somewhere inside the boiler, the heat exchanger (breech area), the flue pipe going from the breech to the chimney, and the chimney itself---all of these ares have to be cleaned of soot for the boiler to work properly.

    The nozzle would also have to be changed.

    You'll have to call the repair person back to make sure the chimney is vacuumed & clear, as well as the other areas mentioned, unless you can do this work yourself.

    Don't use your house vacuum cleaner, or you'll ruin it.

    Is this a forced hot water boiler, or a steam system????
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