Lost half a phase - classic example. Went through this before we upgraded to a circuit breaker panel.

Your Kitchen duplex receptacles are split each being fed by two circuits. Top and bottom half syndrome. Each circuit from different phase half since it was one of your feeder fuses.

Your range controls still worked because their power supply was being fed by the phase that wasn't blown, your 220 didn't function because you just had 110v (half).

Overloaded half of the panel. Electrician needs to balance it your usage is over favoring one side over the other that's why you blew the fuse on half the feeder.

If your lights are glowing brighter now too bright that's a symptom of things still not right. Remember the expression used by the electrician "backfeeding on the neutral" when 220 appliances are installed and there are multiwire branch circuits, being dangerous when you lose phase.