I have a closet that is insulated in my garage , I use it to store totes of the opposite seasons clothing. Christmas tree and other crap that wont fit in my tiny rental house. Well a critter ( ive seen a pita squirrel climbing thru a hole it made by the roof of the garage). Ive set live traps and put a cut up snickers in it (thats what i was told to do peanutbutter etc. it gets in and eats whatever is in the trap and gets out without setting it off) it has DESTROYED the insulation in the closet there are trails all over and ive put rat traps in there somehow this Ninja Warrior Squirrel gets the pb off the trap but doesnt set it off. Call me a ruthless crazed woman but i mixed pb and antifreeze the lil jerk ate it and is still alive. I need help before i go INSANE , im scared to death it go in there to get stuff out . HELP ME PLEASE !