I've read many posts about updated to GFCIs and the fact that you can put one GFCI on a circuit to protect the other outlets on that circuit as well and leave the others as standard outlets. That's what I'm planning....I have 3 outlets around the countertop sink area which I believe should be GFCI protected and will most likely just put a GFCI outlet at the first box in the circuit. The funny thing is, we just bought the house 1 year ago and the fact these outlets were not GFCI outlets didn't come up in the home inspection. It's also odd that all 3 bathrooms have the proper GFCI protection, but someone forgot about the kitchen. The bathrooms are on a separate circuit. I'm wondering if I have a GFCI breaker instead to protect this circuit. Is there a way to check the breaker for this?
I bought a GFCI outlet tester to check outlets for power as well as testing known GFCI outlets. Is there danger is using the GFCI tester on an outlet that may not be GFCI protected to test it for protection? Thanks.