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    Exclamation Retrofit new lock onto old door

    I need to install a new lockset into a wood door that has an older, larger mortise lock. The old lock is a much bigger assembly. It's about 5" tall and extends about 3" into the door. The new lockset is two pieces, both requiring nothing more than about a 3/4" diameter hole drilled in from the end, with the usual 2" through-hole for the handles. What's the recommended method to "fill in" the space consumed by the old lock assembly? And, no, I do not want to get a whole other mortise assembly, or rebuild this one. I've had my fill of these style and have already obtained a new lockset.

    Is there some sort of kit for this type of retrofit? Or do I just carve myself out a chunk of wood to refill the old hole?

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    Default Re: Retrofit new lock onto old door

    I would cut a few chunks of plywood to fill the space and use a good exterior grade wood glue to secure it in place. Then you can use those metal plates that wrap around the door and prevent jimmying and to strengthen the area. They come in different finishes at most large home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes.

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