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Thread: Wiring issue?

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    Default Wiring issue?

    I have what is apparently the smallest electricsl box made. (1958) I have a kitchen light that repeatedly burns out after only a few months. Could I have bad wiring, or could it be due to the small electrical box?

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    Default Re: Wiring issue?

    I'm far from an electrician.
    I would say the size of the box itself has nothing at all to do w/ it.
    I had a similar problem in the past, where on a 3 bulb ceiling fan/ light one bulb was always buring out after awhile.
    I ended up cleaning out all 3 light sockets very well (compressed air & dry rag)then placed the bulbs back in bit more snug then in the past.
    I have not burned out any lights from that that fixture since!
    Good Luck

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