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    We are new owners of house which was built in 2002 and has vinyl windows. These windows need replacement glass, trim, screens and etc. The windows have no mfg data to determine where to go for repair parts. Since the windows are only 7 years old I want to repair and not replace them. I have not found a supplier of generic vinyl repair parts. And inquires have resulted in offers to replace the windows. These offers are for retro fit install which leaves the old window frame installed. Where to find parts and instructions on how to do the repair is my question.


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    First, check the aluminum spacer between the insulated pieces of glass for a manufacturer's name. Sometimes they stamp the company name and date of manufacturing for warranty purposes. There is a company called Stry-Buc that will have all the parts you need, as well as a live chat room to give you the information on how to repair the window. The phone number is:800-352-0800. The company has parts for all types of windows and doors.


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    Not to sound too negative, but this must be a modular? I had a similar problem when I bought my modular ranch. The window construction was quite poor, and to be honest I decided not to buy replacement parts because I thought they would be just as poor quality as the original windows.

    A good quality vinyl replacement window, which a homeowner can install themselves very easily, might be a good choice. I have gotten some from Lowes and HomeDepot and if you get the middle or top grades they sell you might be doing yourself a service in the long term.



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