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    Default green wash on old lath walls

    Recently purchased a house 110 yrs. old and while stripping the paint and wallpaper off the layer under the paper had a "green" coating. Removing the remaining paper that was stuck,I used water and spunge,the green pigment (?) started coming off. What is that material,sizing,curing agent for horse hair plaster or what? Can I paint over it without issues? Thanx

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    Default Re: green wash on old lath walls

    I also have a old hose with lath and plastered wall. If yours is like mine the green is a milk paint. The guy at the paint store said they would mix paint with milk . But I have had troubles in different rooms. I bought a product that I put on my hallway going upstairs that was a stucco you were suppose to put on and make swirls in ,then paint. I did and it looked good for about 6 weeks ,then I had big chunks falling off the walls. When I called to see what was going on, the manager called me back and said he bet I had to much lime in my walls. Years ago when they did plaster they used horse hair and they added lime to the mixture. If there is too much lime, you paint and then start seeing pieces peeling off in 6 to 8 weeks. He and the guy at the paint store said old houses have this problem a lot. So you need to prime with an alkaline primer. Then the lime won`t ruin the paint.

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    Default Re: green wash on old lath walls

    Sounds like you may have Calcimine paint on the walls.
    A very light green color was very popular in the South.
    Also known as RABBIT PAINT in the South.
    Milk paint would not come off with water.

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