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    Default Safety of non-venting gas range hoods

    Hi all. I did an FHA appraisal of a vacant home that was purchased as a foreclosure and remodeled. When I looked into the attic I noticed that the exhaust flue for the kitchen range was no longer connected to the roof vent. I asked the owner if he knew the range hood was no longer vented to the outside and he said yes, they installed a "non-venting range hood" when they remodeled the kitchen. The kitchen range is not located next to any windows.

    My question is, does this appear to be unsafe since the new range hood won't be venting waste fumes to the outside, but just filtering the air and exhausting it back into the kitchen?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Safety of non-venting gas range hoods

    Although they are legal (in most places) and common, I believe unvented hoods should be banned. They serve no purpose except to provide light and noise. All the heat, humidity, combustion gases, smells, and grease vapor remain in the room. What little grease the filter collects just becomes a fire hazard if not cleaned regularly.
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    Default Re: Safety of non-venting gas range hoods

    Just to add, you will also end up with a stain on your ceiling when using a non venting range hood

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