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    Unhappy walnut mirror needs some help removing paint

    I have a mirror that is renissiance revival that is walnut underneath some god awful white and ****ish flat paint. Only good thing that I can say about the previous owner is that they put only one coat of paint on. Are there any products or procedures that I can do or buy that will take the paint off and not the old finish??? In know that that sounds goofy, but I am hoping for some good advice.

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    Default Re: walnut mirror needs some help removing paint

    Won't remove the finish under the paint? I seriously doubt it. None that I know of. I'd use a water based paint stripper and some OOO steel wool.
    I wouldn't be concerned at all about the original finish.
    You could use a nice Danish Oil or tongue oil if you want a nice mellow soft look. You could also use a clear shellac or if you want to make it look aged use an amber shellac but i personally wouldn't do that on a nice walnut wood. Do some test areas on the back if you must then strip it right off if its not what you like
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