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    Default Concrete foundation: to parge or paint?

    My circa 1929 brick and wood home's poured concrete foundation was made with what appears to be beach sand as it contains pebbles and small rocks that create imperfections that ice has turned into cracks and chips.

    We have a walk out basement in the back so the foundation is exposed fully in the back and diagonally on the sides. There is some yellow lichen (?) growing on the foundation.

    I'd like to parge or paint the foundation to 1) seal it from the weather and 2) make it look nicer.

    We renovated the basement 2 years ago and found little evidence of any moisture issues on the inside (a bit of efflorescence). My neighbours had someone parge their foundation - it looked good until it fell off in great big slabs.

    A contractor told me about a messy spray-on on polymer that sets hard and strong and can be coloured to match your home's color scheme - but I've lost the marketing material.

    What do you recommend considering parging still requires painting? Are their any spray on products you trust that resist chipping yet have some flexibility so they don't crack? We'd like to get this done this spring so we can get on with landscaping.

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    Default Re: Concrete foundation: to parge or paint?

    Howdy i have inspected severla homes that have had granular coating applied to concrete foundations an have seen all of them with failures. I would apply an elastomeric coating that adhers to concrete and its plasticity allows movement so it tends not to loos adhesion. Comonly applied to roofs its flat white.. And one can easily add another coat if wear issues develope.

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