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    Angry Smelly sink drain

    My house is only one year old. There is a sewage smell coming from the drain everytime I turn the bathroom faucets on. It is not the water that smells. It is a blast of air that smells. I have taken the PVC pea traps out and replaced with metal traps. Plumber has been out several time and can't figure out why it is smelling. Vent pipe is open. I have run bleach through the drain and through the overflow. It is a marble counter top and sink. Basically I have tried everything with no success. I can only trust the plumber is giving me the right information. I am on city sewer pipes and not septic tank. Help Please
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    Question Re: Smelly sink drain

    smelly sink drain

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    Default Re: Smelly sink drain

    Sounds like it might be the anode in your hot water tank, does it only happen when you turn on the hot water?

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    Default Re: Smelly sink drain

    You can seek the advice of your local hardware store if you’re not contented with what your plumber is telling you. Or you can try using a more powerful bleach brand and pour it on your sink drain at least once a day for several days to find out how it works.
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