I had old plaster walls, the previous owner had done a horrible rough skim coat of joint compound over them.

I dug out all the cracks, scrapped the rough joint compound and skim coated over the walls with new premixed all purpose joint compound. The paint, if still on was a flat surface and I thought I wouldnt have any problem with bonding.

Now, there are many hairline cracks running through the surface, I can push on the surface and get some movement. I scrapped off some areas and the new coat didnt seems to bond that well with the old. Other areas the old joint compound is cracking as well.

Should I re-sc****, prime and reapply? Did I use the wrong materials? What is the proper way to do this, I have other rooms needing help.

It was sooo much work! and now I am really dissappointed.

Any help is great