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    Default Radiator supply line leak

    I have a radiator supply line(copper)with a pin hole from a drywall screw. This particular radiator is for the finished attic and has a separate shut off at the split from the main supply line and one at the return to the main supply. I closed both valves to stop the leak seconds after it happened. My question is this; can I use a compression repair coupling to fix the leak and do I have to blead the entire radiator system or can I just blead the one radiator that was affected? And last what would a plumber charge for this repair?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Radiator supply line leak

    Compression coupling is not the best remedy.
    It sounds like your shut off valves will allow you to repair the hole without draining the entire system. However, you know that to make a repair like this, the copper pipe has to be completely dry.
    What a plumber would charge depends on where you live. This is a small repair, and should not go over $150. But I may be wrong...

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    Default Re: Radiator supply line leak

    This is the second post you have made on this. I guess you didn't like the replies you got the first time.


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