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    Default brick paver patio is getting uneven

    our patio is made out of brick pavers and they are falling away from the edge onto our sloping lawn and in the middle where our roof overhang drips, the pavers are really sinking down...about 1-2 inches. I really don't want to to have to redo the whole patio and frankly I don't know what to do about the edges falling away. Any reasonable help?

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    Default Re: brick paver patio is getting uneven

    You are getting erosion of the soil / strata below the bricks. You'll need to stop that to fix the problem. Water is your enemy here. If the bricks are tightly laid, there is a strong chance you will not be able to 'patch' an area unless you can get a straight line between the old and the re-laid bricks.

    You may not have to fix the sand base for the full area, but you'll be looking at fixing the base where the bricks are falling in. To get the re-leveled base to stay put, you'll need to address the water issues.

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