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    Question Marathon Electric Water Heater

    I am looking to replace my electric water heater. Have been doing some research & came across the Marathon brand of electric water heaters. They seem a little more efficient than your standard electric heaters, but what got my attention is the warranty. Lifetime warranty for the time you are in your home, should you move, then it converts to a 15 year warranty for the new buyer. Also there is no anode because tank is "plastic". So my question is, anyone out there have one of these and is it worth the extra cost, (about double the cost of a standard electric heater)?
    Thanks in advance.

    BTW - tankless is not an option.

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    Default Re: Marathon Electric Water Heater

    An excellent water heater, I believe it carries the highest Energy Star rating of any water heater. Lifetime on tank but 6 years on elements and thermostats. These are the ones promoted by the electric c-ops for energy savings.
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