Hi All,

I originally posted this in the kitchen forum, but I think it fits here better.

I have some otherwise very nice oak kitchen cabinets that are showing some signs of use. Near the sink, the finish has been damaged by water exposure, i.e. the finish is flaking, the stain is gone and bare wood remains. On other areas near door pulls, repeated fingernail gouging has removed the finish down to bare wood.

I'd like to touch up just these areas, but need some guidance before beginning. I believe the previous finish is polyurethane or perhaps catalyzed lacquer. Since the finish on undamaged areas is very smooth, I'm guessing the pores were filled prior to staining. I'd like to just restain, but doing so would give darker stain on the open pores of the grain versus the undamaged, untouched areas.

Should I lightly sand (to remove flaking film finish) then rub in pore filler then stain?
For a finish coat, I was planning to use aerosol satin poly. Does that sound right?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.