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    Default Updating older mobile home

    I own a 1976 Buddy mobile home (NOT new enough to be "manufactured housing"!), with multiple finishes inside. The bedrooms have been drywalled at some point. My bathroom and kitchen have the original smooth panels, but have been painted. The hall/laundry area is still in original paneling, and my living room has the original paneling painted over.
    My question is--what can I do to fill the grooves, to give me smooth walls? I saw the answer to filling unpainted (drywall mud), but was wondering--will this work on my painted walls? What prep will I need to do? I am considering repainting as my cheapest option (on a tight budget), but am open to wallpaper, as well.
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    Default Re: Updating older mobile home

    You could fill and tape the grooves on the paneling, but quite frankly for that amount of effort, it would be better to tear it all out and install drywall. While the walls are open, you can update the wiring, plumbing, and insulation as well.
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    Default Re: Updating older mobile home

    Bondo might work better than drywall mud but you'd have to move pretty quickly.

    The cheapest option; live with the old paneling grooves.

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