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    Post brick walkway

    I am trying to figure out if there is a formula for estimating how many of the "old" red bricks I will need to complete a walkway. I just need a formula, then I should be able to figure it out. I am a woman trying to do most of this work by myself, so any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all, Linda

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    1. Multiply the width times the length of the walkway to determine the square feet, then multiply by 144 to convert that number to square inches.
    2. Measure the face of the brick you want to use and multiply it's width times length to get the surface area per brick (this will already be in inches ).
    3. Divide the walkway number by the brick number and you will end up with the quantity of bricks needed to cover the area of the walkway.

    Example: A walkway that is 3 feet wide and 20 feet long has 60 square feet of surface area. Multiply that by144 to convert to inches and you get 8640. Let's assume that a brick is 3-1/2 inches x 7 inches (that's a guess, measure your brick for accuracy ) and you get 24-1/2 square inches of surface area. Divide the walkway surface area (8640 ) by the brick surface area (24-1/2 ) and you get 353 bricks (actual number is 352.65 ).

    Keep in mind that there's a little more to laying a walkway than tossing bricks on the ground. At the very least you'll need to install an edging to keep the bricks in place (install after the walkway is laid ). For the best results, a proper base must be installed under the brick, which is usually a compaction of gravel and sand. The depth of that base will vary with your climate zone and frost depth.
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    Thank you so much for you help. I think I can do this.

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