I'm having a strange problem with the breaker/circut in my garage wiring. About 3 years ago I ran all new wiring to my attached garage. I ran 2 circuts, one for lights & one for outlets. The lights are fine, but I'm having trouble with the outlet part now & cant find the cause.

I was working in the garage last week and all the outlets went out. I figured I"d tripped the breaker, so I went in to check it & it hadnt tripped. Then all of the sudden the outlets started working again. I blew it off, then the same thing happened again. I reset the breaker (flipped it off then back on). It happened once more, so I shut off the breaker & started looking for the cause. A week later & I still dont have a clue whats going on!

Here is everything thats on this circut-
7 outlets
2 outdoor motion flood lights (each with two 75 watt bulbs)
14/2 wire
15 amp breaker
*the only things continuously plugged in are a small clock & a garage door opener.

I've checked every outlet, all the wiring itself in the garage (unfinished garage, easy to check ) and all the bulbs in the floodlights outdoors. I swapped in a different breaker & everything seems fine, but the questionable breaker works fine in another slot in the breaker box. I'm not convinced the breaker is the cause since its working in another circut. I'm really concerned that the breaked did not trip, even though the power went out a few times!

I should be able to test the breaker with a OHM meter correct? Is there anything else I should be looking into? This is the wet/snow melting season here in Michigan-is it possible one of the outdoor floodlights could be getting wet?

Thanks in advance!