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    Question no ductwork upstairs

    We have a 100-year-old house that has been nicely rehabbed (not by us!). Our only complaint is that when they installed an HVAC system 20+ years ago, they did not put any ductwork in upstairs. Thus, there is no heating system for the upstairs bedrooms. We've been using a space heater for my daughter's room, but I'm very paranoid about it, because we need to use it precisely when she's sleeping (that's when she's up there, and it's cold!).
    Any suggestions on affordable ways to heat the upstairs without relying upon potentially dangerous space heaters? Is it even possible to run new ductwork up there (I'm not sure our furnace would handle it)? Are there other heating options I'm not thinking of? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Default Re: no ductwork upstairs

    Howdy, adding additional duct is a good idea, get a heating contractor to give you a bid and have them tell you if your currant system can handle the additional space. Another idea is to have an electric base board heater installed with a thermostate so it only turns on when cold- my pet peve is the cost of forgetting to turn off base board heat when leaving the room .

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