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    Unhappy wallpaper glue under paint

    A few years after moving into my house the paint in the bathroom started flaking off in spots. After asking a few neighbors I found out that the walls were at one time wallpapered. What is the best way to get the rest of the glue off so I can repaint?


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    Default Re: wallpaper glue under paint


    You will not be able to get the paste off the wall. What you need to do is stabilze what is still there. Sc**** and sand the flaking paint. Spackle those areas as neccessary. Then paint the entire area with an oil based primer. Oils are generally more impervious to moisture than is latex. After priming, you can go back to an acrylic paint which is rated suitable for high moisture areas such as baths.

    If you don't already have one in the bath, install a good ventilating fan in an attempt to keep the relative humidity down.
    It is the moisture from showering which has been working its way down to the paste which was not removed.

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