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    Default Degrading ext. tiles on patio entry way leaking in basement

    Looking for solutions for fixing a porcelain tile front entry way. Tiles are coming loose and grout is seeping up around tiles. Water is leaking into basement below. Not sure of what needs to be done besides taking out all of the tile and laying down new tile. But I know something needs to be done to stop the leaking. Not sure what product(s) we can use to stop water. Putting some type of epoxy down over top of concrete and then laying tile? I know beneath the tile is concrete. Does anyone have some solutions or know of some good products. Live in W. PA so weather can be problematic sometimes. House is also 1930's. This is our front entry way and it has to be visually pleasing to a point. Appreciate any help out there!!! Can post a pic if it will help.

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    Default Re: Degrading ext. tiles on patio entry way leaking in basement

    There are so many unknowns to your condition that it's difficult to suggest anything.

    What I'm getting is the basement or part of it is under the main entrance?

    Exterior tile installs require much prep and thought, plus you're in PA with a freeze/thaw cycle.

    Research waterproof membranes here

    and post some pictures

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