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    Question Driveway with Crushed Oyster Shells

    I have bushel of oyster shells from a recent oyster roast we had at the house. We're too far inland to drop them off at the shell recycling center (2 hours away). Seeing as how we'll be having more Oyster Roasts at the house in the future, I'd like to recycle the shells and add them to the gravel in the driveway.

    What is an way to crush the oyster shells?

    Chapin, South Carolina

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    Default Re: Driveway with Crushed Oyster Shells

    Tracy, what you want to do is going to be work, no matter how you cut it. You could rent a "tamper" from a renta tool center. It's just a heavy metal plate on the bottom and a thick wooden handle that comes straight up. You pick it up, let it fall, pick it up, let it fall.... Real scientific. A manually operated rock crusher.

    It's made for compacting dirt before pouring concrete but I'm sure it would crush your oyster shells. You'll need to do it on top of a hard surface, like a concrete pad or something.

    Not sure it's going to be worth the extra work.

    Good Luck.

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