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    Default Burnham oil Burner

    Just had my tip and filter replaced only to find out that my float valve was stuck and I ran out of oil. Trying to prime but when I turn the poser on the amber light comes on for 4-5 seconds and goes out. I tried holding the reset button for 30 seconds but still nothing, not even a light. Light only comes on if I shut off the ***** and turn it back on. I can't get the burner to start never mind prime and fire. Any help is appreciated.

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    The primary control has probably gone into latch-up---no big problem.

    You'll have to get the name and model # of the primary sitting on the boiler & Google it to get the START-UP PROCEDURE---each one of these units has their own unique set of steps you have to follow to get it out of latch-up & get the boiler to fire.

    Thus, if it is a Carlin Primary control you would Google "Carlin 50200" "start-up procedure".

    This will give you the pdf file that has the step by step procedure & explains the blinking & solid red & amber lite displays---make a hard copy so you can bring it to the boiler.
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