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    Default Exterior Door Replacement on Block/Stucco Home

    Carpentry Question:Exterior Door Replacement on a Florida Stucco Home Full Description:Help! I need to replace my front ext entrance door. I bought the correct size pre-hung door ans was hoping to switch out the door without having to tearout the original frame but the hinges, etc do not match up so I need to tear out the orlo frame. The problem is that the home is block/stucco and there is a heavy duty screen door that does not look as though it can be taken off. So as of today I have no security door but the screen. What can I do?

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    Default Re: Exterior Door Replacement on Block/Stucco Home

    Yes, you certainly will have a mismatch, and you need to rip-out the old frame as well and pretty much start from scratch. Not the best project to take on for a DIY.

    There is a lot of detail that needs to be taken into consideration with this type of project.

    Can you found someone locally with experience that can assist you?

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