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    Default mildew in closet wall

    I have a closet with serious mildew on one wall. It is the wall next to the outside wall, which makes me think it is due to lack of insulation, causing condensation during winter, feeding the mildew. I am pretty sure this is the only piece of wall still lacking insulation, which we put in all the other walls about 8 years ago.

    My question is whether I should just clean off the wall and fill with foam through a hole, or rip out the wall (about 2 feet wide by 5 feet tall (up to a wooden band used to mount the shelf and clothes pole)), put in some batting, then put on new sheetrock. Cleaning would probably be cheaper, but I'd hate to have to do it again 2 years from now.http://advice.thisoldhouse.com/image...ies/tongue.gif
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    Default Re: mildew in closet wall


    Obviously adding insulation would be the optimumn solution, but I would first try killing the mold and repainting the area with one of the highly mold resistant paints intended for bathrooms.

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    Default Re: mildew in closet wall

    I want to use one of my rooms as bedroom but a while ago there was some very small amount mold/mildew stains from a leak in the wall of the closet(during winter snow storm and water was squrting in) . Since it was bleached and dried back then and there's no leak right now,

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