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    Question take out a wall?

    I have a small enclosed porch off my living room. It's not really big enough to use for much of anything but maybe a few plants. We really want to just remove the wall and make that space part of the living room. I just don't know to tell if it's a supporting wall or not? I don't think it is since the porch is within the main house wall and not protruding from the building.

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    Default Re: take out a wall?

    Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule to determine if a wall is a bearing wall. The best thing to do is consult a contractor. If there is a wall above it and it is on a foundation it is generally a bearing wall. Some walls are load bearing because they support the ends of the joists for two rooms. There are to many variables to just guess.
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    Default Re: take out a wall?

    I am assuming that the porch is attached to the livingroom wall which is exterior jlmcdaniel posted, may be a load bearing wall. If so then you will need to temporarily support the wall while you put in a header. Not doing so will mean that your house may eventually start to sag. We are just opening up our exterior walls and had to have someone install some pretty beefy support as per an engineer's spec. I asked him a couple of questions about headers and put in on youtube. Have a look if you are interested.

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    Wink Re: take out a wall?

    I agree with JLMcDaniel, consult with a good contractor. This is not something you want to guess at, it can be dangerous as well as expensive if you are wrong.


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