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I have just changed the ceiling rose of 2 lights - one of which is an extension off the other. I am fairly certain the master is wired correctly, but the spur light now stays on all the time. The other light works fine i.e. every time I turn on and off the switch, that light goes on and off. Any electrical experts point me to where the problem might be please.
The light that's on constantly is connected to a constant feed ( which is likely for the entire circuit ) instead of the switched feed. That constant feed would end and be one of 2 wires at the switch --- the other wire from the switch would be the switched feed to the lights.
One of the ceiling boxes has mulitple conductors of which one is the constant feed and you mistakenly connected the light to it instead.

We can't see over the internet what colour and how many conductors and where they go to be able to specifically say what wire is what and which one to connect to which other.

You know one light is being controlled by the switch -- you just need to find the correct wire that goes to the other light and connect them together.

Tip --- for novice DIYers changing electrical fixtures ---- mark the wires or make a sketch on a sheet of paper ** BEFORE ** disconnecting them.
This will help reconnecting things in proper order and greatly reducing problems like this.