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    Default Low water pressure in bonus room

    I just bought a home with a finished bonus room above my garage that has a half bath. The toilet functions fine, it flushes everytime, and the tank fills pretty quickly, but the water pressure to the sink is baely a trickle. I am not sure what the problem could be the house is pretty new it was built in 2005 so I don't think that there should be any major plumbing issues, but I'm no plumber. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Low water pressure in bonus room

    Quick question - Have you removed and cleaned the screen at the end of the faucet? You may have accumulated some dirt in the last few years.

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    Default Re: Low water pressure in bonus room

    The screen mentioned is in the aerator, at the outlet of the faucet. If it has any finish at all, cover the jaws of pliers with a rag and turn to remove. If severely blocked, just a few cents at the hardware store needed to replace.

    Also, check to be sure the valves under the sink are turned open. It is the simple things we most often overlook.

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